Lay-In Ceiling Panels

Lay-In Ceiling Tiles for T-Grid

To purchase these 2' x 2'  tiles - please visit our other online store -

There are several options to use our products with standard 15/16" T-grid systems. faux tin 2'x2' ceiling tiles


If you have a brand new t-grid system you should be looking at our .040 lay in tiles. They're double the thickness of our standard panels and are ready to be placed right in the grid. They can be painted during installation and are extremely easy to work with. Paint your T-grid to match. We recommend all our tiles be held down with at least 2 standard grid hold down clips. This prevents any panel movement caused by drafts.

These are in stock and ready to install right into a grid system to achieve a Total NRC of 0.65!

Patterns 209, 309 and 320 are available in white and black. Also available in white in patterns 204, 306, 321, and 509. - All options are   $9.95 each 2'x2'.

For our numerous colored options, see below.

New or Existing - Use for RE-FACING new or old tiles :

Install into a ceiling T-grid by refacing (glue your old ugly 2x2 or 2x4 tiles, or by gluing to new standard mineral tiles. These white, créme & black 2x2 tiles are $7.45 ea and other colors (brass, bronze, copper, fused bronze, or nickel)  $9.45/ea. Easily glue them to a standard ceiling tile. Please call or see install instructions as our glue-up panels need to be cut down and supported.

(Installation instructions)