Dimensions Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles

Dimensions Faux Tin Style Panels replicate the look of real tin ceiling tiles with many benefits;

•Much easier installation - Cut with scissors and easily glue up!

•A fraction of the cost compared to installed metal tin ceiling tiles

•Never have to worry about rust, tarnish, or water issues

Available patterns and colors - Click to expand!

Benefits of Our Tin Style Panels:

1.Easy Glue-up Installation! Even to “popcorn” ceilings! We recommend Power Grab All Purpose Adhesive by Loctite, which is readily available at most hardware retailers. Our panels overlap with the next with no visible seams and our dot dash area allow our panels to install properly and imitate metal panels creating a more authentic look. Click here to view our Easy Installation Instructions

2. You can’t tell they’re not metal once installed!  Clearer and crisper detail (vs stamped metal) is achieved in these 2’x4′ faux tiles by thermoforming thick 1/32″ durable & rigid matte white & solid colored styrene. Be aware that another brand uses thin cheap material. While you can tell it’s plastic in your hand, once installed you’ll be in disbelief it isn’t the real thing!

3. Inexpensively Paint to Color Desired! To match your decor! This can be done to create a unique and stunning two tone finish by simply painting over our solid colors and rubbing off the high spots. Easily spray paint or roll-on (1/2″ nap) our any of our styrene panels with latex paint+primer all in one or oil based paint. Other products don’t accept a paint as well as ours and can be much more difficult to work with.

4. Our Faux Tin Ceiling Tiles Are Acoustical! Achieve an acoustical absorption up to a NRC .55* by gluing to perforated board with insulation above. Please call for more information. Unlike metal tin tiles which can make the room much louder, our tiles allow sound to pass through them. Depending on the surface installed on, this can equate to a dramatic difference in ambient and reverberant noise! 

5. Install Into a New T-Grid System! Install Into a New T-Grid System! Available are tiles ready to install into a NEW 15/16″ T-grid ceiling.  See our Lay In Page HERE

Our panels are great for many different applications! 

Easily glue up to any solid ceiling surface! Can even be used over popcorn ceilings!

These panels add a unique and durable finish, great for wall applications! 

They're very durable and easy to clean, making them perfect for use as a backsplash! 

Since they allow sound to pass through, they make an attractive acoustical ceiling!


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