About Us

 Global Specialty Products has been in business for more than 30 years selling quality products at low prices with an emphasis on customer service. We take great pride in our company and the products we sell. 

The birth of Global Specialty Products started with TAMBOUR. If you are looking for solid wood, veneered, metallic, or vinyl, we are the one stop shop and that is where we began. By hand selecting each individual slat to ensure quality has made us the leader in the industry. No matter if you are looking for oak, maple, cherry, poplar we can do it. Custom sizes can be done as well. The hand on approach that we have with our tambour ensures that you the customer get the highest quality tambour available at a fair price. There are very few places in the country that still hand make tambour like we do, it is this attention to detail and customer service that keeps our customer coming back. Metallic, mirrored, and vinyl tambour have also been among the hot items for us. Being used in residential and commercial, there are an endless amount of uses.

     Staying in the same field of wall and ceiling coverings, our line of decorative stamped Metal Panels was a huge hit. With over 30 patterns to choose from and many different crown moldings it made us a player in the market. Available in 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ panels as well as clear coat aluminum or steel gave anyone the options they needed to complete the perfect project.

     The other product line that contributed to the initial growth and success of Global Specialty Products is the Three-D Ceiling panels. Made from a thermoformed styrene, these panels created a beautiful coffered look to you ceiling by either dropping them into a grid system or gluing to your sheetrock ceiling.

      With business booming it was a great time to expand our ideas and look to the future. Using the same thought process as the Three-D panels, and the design idea of the metal panel it was then that DIMENSIONS, the styrene panel designed to replicate the old world tin panels was born. Since we already had the metal panels it was a natural transition to offer the tin look in both metal and a thermoformed styrene. The Dimensions panel expanded our product line to not only to ceiling applications but also walls, backsplashes, and wainscoting. The adding of additional patterns throughout the years kept us growing and moving forward. Panels available in white were a hit, but the addition of our solid colored styrene panels in the fall of 2011 brought us to the forefront of the marketplace. Being able to get your panels in silver, antique brass, copper, and bronze without a worry of scratching, peeling, or delaminating revolutionized the industry. We are continually looking to add more patterns and colors.

      Another leading contributor to the Global family is our line of acoustical products. Our Acoustical, Vibration, Industrial and Audio Specialist has been solving a wide variety of noise problems for more than 16 years. We can solve most of the problems over the phone and/or the internet. We also offer on-site acoustical analysis. We will not offer or sell you a product that might not work! We will only recommend the correct product that will absorb, deflect, isolate and STOP YOUR NOISE PROBLEM. We guarantee it!